About DTA Book Buddies

How we think things should be done

Over the last several years that we have worked in the book industry we have help many authors to achieve their dreams by helping them to turn their vision into a completed book and as we have gone from classic paperback to ebooks over the years we have helped more and more new authors to take their own first steps into the world of the written word.

Wether it’s proof reading, artwork, template creation or even cover designs we have help multiple people complete their manuscripts and have helped them to become ready for publication. We know there are many other steps that need to be taken to get your book ready for publication and we have mastered them all over the years with help from all our team members. But we believe the most important thing about creating a masterpiece with an author is the relationship between author and publisher/manuscript creator.


We have been ask multiple times on how we understand what our customers want and how we know what our customers need and what’s our secret to making our customers happy. Well how we think things should be done is very different to other companies because we pride ourselves on not having just customers but on our customers become a part of our family. Or as we like to see it and to be more precise a part of our “Book Buddies Pack” and just like a wolf pack looks after their family by protecting their family members we do the same for our authors, we make sure that they are looked after like they our one of our pack.


We make sure that you are represented in the right way and that we offer you as much help as you may need. If you needed a website of your own to sell your books on we will arrange to have a website designed and built for you, or if you wanted us to sell your ebooks for you we can arrange that as well. Even if you wanted a full package creating to include the creation of their ebook with a sales and advertising package we can do that for you as well. At DTA Book Buddies we believe that every author is different so each author needs a custom made package creating to suit their own budget and needs instead of our own ideas. We believe that communication is the most important part of the process and nothing is ever done without your approval.


Also just like a wolf pack does, we like our authors to receive great value for money that’s why we believe in offering the best value for money products and services on the market today. We believe in helping our customers/pack members to succeed as much as possible. Happy customers make us happy and knowing that we are helping our authors dreams to come true is extremely important to us.

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